Google+ is shutting down for consumers. The official deletion date of the platform is, 2 April 2019.

The reason for this course of action is due to a bug that exposed the user data of 52.5 million accounts. As a social media platform Google+ never got the traction to be a profitable asset to Google and the data breach was the final straw.

For business owners active in the hospitality & tourism industry and serious about running a successful online presence this news will surely set off a few red warning lights.

What you should KNOW?

Important: Do not confuse Google+ with your Google My Business Listing or your Google Brand Account. Google+ is a completely different Google service. It’s Google’s social network that never quite take off to take on Facebook. So, you can relax and breathe easy. Your Google My Business Listing is untouched and still just as vital to your establishments findability on search engines as ever.

What you need to DO right now?

If you have been placing focus on SEO you might have to check if you are running an active Google+ profile for your establishment. Maybe you have been using the channel to distribute your blog posts? If you are unsure, it is quick and easy to find out.

Go to your website website and take a look at the social icons you are using to link to the social media channels you are currently using. If you see the Google+ follow icon, click and go take a look if you have an active profile.

google plus deletion
There are quite a few versions of the Google+ icon but it could look like this one.

Alternatively, you could also log into the Gmail account you are using for your establishment and then go to to see if you have a Google+ up and running.

googleshutting down tmsa post
Once you are sure that you indeed have an active Google Plus profile we recommend to do the following:

A). Save your photos or videos as everything will be deleted 2 April.

B). Remove the Google Plus follow icon from your website and rather change it to the appropriate Google My Business Listing icon. Do make sure you are linking to your Google My Business Listing.

google my business

If you have any questions about your website or in need of help you are welcome to contact us.