The travel and hospitality industry has been fundamentally changed by the increase in popularity of social channels. This has in turn completely changed the face of travel and tourism marketing. From the way that travelers are searching for potential destinations, the activities they partake in, the accommodation they choose, even the flights they book are all now influenced by social media channels.

Let’s look at 3 ways tourism marketing has been affected by social media:

  1. The Transformation of Travel Research
    The biggest effect that social media has shown to date, is the power of online reviews. Travelers today go online to research their future travel plans and a whopping 89% of millennials plan their travel activities based on content posted by their peers online.

    Platforms like Instagram, TripAdvisor and Facebook provide them with easy access to reviews, photos, ratings and more, providing a personal experience on the destination given by a fellow traveler rather than the brand itself.

    Instagrammers, Hannah & Adam from Getting Stamped, are inspiring a future generation of travelers by sharing their amazing experiences through their online storytelling. This couple has been traveling the globe since 2012 and have been sharing their incredible stories with well over a 100,000 receptive followers.

  2. The Rise in Social Sharing

    Travelers have always loved sharing videos and photos of their travel experiences. Social media now allows them to do so with a wider audience than ever before. By sharing their stories and experiences online, travelers are able to create an influential web of content that goes on to inspire other potential visitors.

    This is why many hotels, lodges, resorts and guest houses are turning to social competitions and campaigns to ensure that they receive credit for their guests’ social media activity. By using the infamous #, establishments are able to stimulate user-generated content for their brand which is free, authentic and that can be repurposed across marketing channels.

  3. The Enhancement of Customer Service
    Being present in social media channels gives brands the opportunity to help unsatisfied or confused guests. Establishments that deal with complaints in a sincere and genuine manner gain a strong, positive reputation among existing and potential visitors.

    Social Media can also serve as a listing tool where establishments can find out more about their guests. Paying attention to your guests by way of social platforms can help your brand create an exceptional experience.

The landscape of travel and tourism marketing has been forever changed by social media channels. We’ve established that most travelers determine their travel plans based on reviews and social media content shares, which makes online customer service a key part in building a good brand reputation.

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