Google AdWords is Google's main advertising system that will allow Guest House, Lodge, Hotel and B&B advertisers to bid on certain keywords and appear in prominent positions on Google's search results. It is the leading and most effective Pay Per Click marketing platform available for advertising on Google's Search Results. You set your advertising budget and only pay for positive clicks to your desired landing pages.

Google Adwords for Guest Houses, Lodges, Hotels and B&B’s across Southern Africa

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Benefits of Google AdWords Advertising

What We Do

We help you set up your Google Adwords account and campaign on the Adwords platform. We set this up, so that you can target specific keywords to trigger your adverts on Google when people are using these specific search queries. Once your campaign is up and running, we will regularly monitor the performance of your advertising and optimise it is such a way that you are getting quality click-throughs to your website landing pages.

Our Key Google Adwords Services