Whether you’re starting your business from scratch, taking over an existing business or just looking to upgrade your current online marketing strategy ( there’s always room for improvement right? ), the following must have services and products are absolutely key to your success story.  Before you look at anything else, these are the things that need to be in place and will create the building blocks for all future marketing.

1.  A Mobile Friendly Website

A website constitutes as your virtual shop front, therefore you want to make sure that the image you are portraying via your site is in line with your service offer and the “look and feel” of your establishment. Great images and stellar reviews are absolute key selling points.  It’s also imperative that your website is mobile friendly and well optimized so you are easy to find online for potential visitors.  Having clear call to actions to make booking a seamless process must be included.

2. Social Media

It has been shown that us as internet users look to each other for confirmation of product and service quality and what better place to voice your opinion, than on social media.  Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to name a few, having a profile on at least one or all should be one of your first stops when it comes to online presence.  Social Media allows up to date information to be provided that can be viewed and shared by many, thus having users do some content sharing and inadvertent marketing for you.

3. Google Business Listing

The almighty Google gods are quite specific about how they would like you to advertise in order to rank well in searches.  One of the most important aspects would be to list with Google My Business.  Along with your website, social media listings and Google My Business you will achieve the trifecta of first page ranking, which is the ultimate goal.

4.  PPC Advertising

Making use of Google Ads can become costly and ineffective if not used correctly ( that’s where we come in 😉 ), but luckily nowadays there are other forms of Pay Per Click advertising.  Facebook for one offers a very affordable and effective alternative which is ideal for advertising certain offers, deals and specials.

5. Build a Database

Be sure to keep a complete database of all previous guests/clients and those who have enquired.  This way you can keep touch with them by way of newsletters, targeted advertisements as well as personalized emails. 

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