In the aftermath of the current Covid-19 pandemic, global tourism is bound to shift in a different direction. Travelers will be looking for experiences giving the most bang for their buck with minimum risk. Due to the disastrous effect the pandemic has had on the world economy, travelers will also have a budget in mind, giving smaller, more affordable, and self-catering establishments the chance to make the most of the situation. Nature parks and wildlife lodges in remote locations will also become very popular.

To help you prepare, we have compiled a list of 5 travel trends to look out for:

1. Self-Catering Accommodation
With the idea of social distancing remaining with us for the foreseeable future, recent studies have shown that travelers prefer self-catering accommodation, as this allows them to maintain a minimum contact with staff or other guests, giving them more control over who and what they come into contact with.

2. Flexible Booking Policies
Online Travel Agents have for the last few months advised their subscribers to revise their booking and cancellation policies to accommodate more short notice cancellations with no penalties. Establishments are encouraged to continue with more flexible options that will take care of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Travel Agents
The post-pandemic era will see the happy return of the travel agent. Travellers will seek reliable assistance and advice on bookings of all kinds in order for their trips to remain as stress-free as possible.

4. Local Travel
For the moment it appears as if South African borders will remain shut to international tourists for some time to come and air travel has taken a back seat. Local travellers will prefer the safety and comfort of their own vehicles and would rather undertake a road trip. This also allows for families to travel together at reduced cost.

5. Small Town Revival
The good news for small towns is that people will want to avoid densely packed, overcrowded cities and gravitate toward small, remoter towns offering more isolated accommodation closer to nature.

Adapting to the “new normal” may at first glance seem challenging, but staying up to date with travel trends and how to make small changes to keep your accommodation open for business is key. We’re here to weather the storm with you and provide advice and assistance on all things tourism marketing related.