There’ll come a time when you decide you want to take bookings on your own website. Even if you use a third party site for this it’s not as smooth for the guest as having the entire ordering process on your own website. But beware, there’s a wide range of hotel booking systems out there.

These go from huge enterprise systems built for massive hotel chains (steer clear of these) right down to something simple and elegant for smaller accommodation establishment. These systems let you control room bookings, create packages and generally manage the booking process – all for very little money.

Here at Tourism Marketing SA we developed, GuestCentre, the perfect reservation and guest management tool for guest houses, B&B’s, self-catering accommodation, lodges and small hotels. The system offers the following great features:

  • Front Desk Operation: GuestCentre becomes the heart of your operation, it acts as the primary management system of your establishment where most of the information passes through and all processes are triggered from<./li>
  • Reservation and Guest Management: Manage all your enquiries, quotes and invoices in one easy-to-use interface. GuestCentre sits in the cloud, which means that you can access it from anywhere in the world and you always have backup!
  • Secure Booking Engine: GuestCentre runs over a secure connection. All guest information exchanges, communication and payments are made over this security layer enabling you to even take bookings direct from your own website.
  • Property Management System: A front-desk system with all the tools you need to manage your bookings, rates inventory and guests. Access from anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone. Spend less time on your computer and more time with your guests.
  • Online Booking Engine: Determine availability and enable guests to book directly. Increase your revenue with commission-free online bookings. The system integrates seamlessly with your own website and enables you to collect deposits to confirm guest bookings.

Whatever your property – with GuestCentre you can spend more time with your guests and improve your business. We aim to deliver a world-class product and service that allows our customers to get on with their job of keeping their guests happy!