Let’s start with the basics, What is Google Hotels?  Simply put, it’s a “hotel metasearch engine” which forms part of the wider, general Google Search Engine.  It allows potential guests to search for, and book, accommodation online and establishments to increase their visibility and attract more bookings.

Besides the above, Google Hotels is also a valuable room rate comparison tool and review platform. It allows potential guests to compare feedback, different prices for hotels and even prices on different platforms selling the same hotel rooms.

So, how does it work? The Google Hotels service is able to present users with information about all of the hotels that Google is aware of. This awareness could home about as a result of online travel agents (OTAs), other hotel metasearch engines, professional relationships between the hotel and Google, paid advertisements, and more. Examples of the type of information presented include hotel descriptions, reviews, location data and price information. Google Hotels also allows users to book rooms directly through the platform, which means potential hotel customers do not ever need to leave Google. This results in a greatly streamlined booking process. With that being said, Google Hotels also provides links to other platforms, including hotel websites and OTAs.

Niftily, Google Hotels can also now be lined directly to your connectivity partner, of which Nightsbridge is one.  This means direct bookings with accurate prices!

You may ask, what is the difference between Google Hotels and OTA’s? Online travel agents, or OTAs, sell services on behalf of companies in the travel industry, including hotels. In the process, they will take a commission fee, which will usually be a percentage of the amount the customer pays. As a result, while they have a clear role in your hotel marketing strategy, they can be expensive to rely on.

By contrast, Google Hotels is a metasearch engine, which searches other platforms, including OTAs, and shows availability information, along with the various room rates. In addition to this, hotels also have the opportunity to use Google Hotels to showcase their property, advertising rates and availability, and attract direct bookings.

We’ve put together a short list of how beneficial Google Hotels can be for you.

1.  Capture potential guests seeking accommodation in your area

One of the big advantages of Google Hotels is the ability to attract and convert customers who are specifically seeking hotels in your area. This is important, because many Google users do not have a specific hotel in mind when they begin their search and they are seeking only the best available option in the location of their choice.

2. Generate a higher number of direct bookings

Another crucial benefit of using Google Hotels is the ability to compete with OTAs for visibility in Google search results, while also linking potential guests directly to your hotel’s website and/or booking engine. Without this, customers would be more likely to book through those OTAs instead of going the direct route.

3. Access to important guest information

While Google’s service does essentially act as a link between the customer and the hotel, many bookings generated through Google Hotels are eventually made directly. As a result, when you generate bookings, you are able to gain access to valuable customer information, including contact details and demographic data.

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