Things are starting to hot up in South Africa and we can’t wait for the long awaited season to finally kick off. But are you ready to receive guests and are you on top of things with your online marketing? If not, don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of last minute things to do to get your marketing in shape.

1. Be sure to give your online content a summer makeover! Replace the cozy by the fire images with lots of sunshines and smiles. Do you have a pool, beach access or do you perhaps offer outdoor activities? Make sure your accommodation details reflect all your summer-relevant offerings. It will definitely help you connect with all your potential summer visitors.

2. Make your special deals summer specific. Give travelers an extra compelling reason to choose your establishment for their holiday with a special summer-related offer. You could even include discounted tickets to a nearby summer activity or the likes. A great deal for families over the holidays is also always a good idea. Whatever special you plan to offer your summer guests, don’t forget to promote it on social media.

3. Inspire loyalty and encourage your guests for a repeat visit. While establishment loyalty is important all year round, loyal summer guests can help you fill your rooms with more direct bookers in the peak season when demand is high. Sending out a newsletter to past guests with a special offer is always on top of the list to ensure they come back. If you can personalize it, even better!

4. Get into the spirit of the summer holidays. If you have planned any special events, promote them online to let summer travelers know your hotel will be a festive setting for the holiday season. If you’re hosting a Christmas lunch for instance or a Hanukkah dinner or New Year’s party, let them now!

5. Engage with the local scene and the locals while you’re at it. Any unique and local activities and happenings will appeal to summer travelers, so be sure to mention them in your online marketing activities. You also might want to promote your establishment by using these activities to the locals to encourage a staycation.

6. Make sure your rates are competitive. Have a look at what your competitors are doing an adjust accordingly. There is a trend of summer rates skyrocketing over the festive season. You can still manage competitive rates without guests having to break the bank. Make sure you are being fair, still profitable and appropriate for the season and your offerings.

If you need any assistance with getting your Summer Marketing plan in action, we’re ready to help!

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