The pandemic has brought about a fundamental change in the way we work, and with remote work becoming more prevalent, companies are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain employees.

According to Statista, 30% of employees currently work for companies that operate exclusively remotely.  Furthermore, a study conducted by Owl Labs & Global Workplace Analytics found that 74% of employees experience greater happiness when working remotely.

In a recent article, The Recruiter UK reported on a digital marketplace that has embraced this growing trend of combining work and travel.  The marketplace offers employers an opportunity to enhance their employees’ experience of working and traveling the world.

The Open-Air Work From Anywhere program offered by Campsited is a brilliant initiative that allows employees to work and live in natural settings across several countries for up to 12 weeks.

The program recognises the benefits of flexible working arrangements, which have been found to improve employee health, happiness, and motivation.  The option to work from anywhere in the world while still being connected to the office is becoming increasingly popular, and the Campsited program caters to this trend.  The program’s focus on vetted properties with Wi-Fi availability and suitable working and living amenities is commendable.  It ensures that employees can work effectively without any disruptions while enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.

The Campsited program provides an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out as an employer that values employee well-being.  It is also an excellent opportunity for the hospitality industry to increase demand outside of peak seasons and cater to a growing audience of remote workers.

Employees can choose to work from a variety of countries, including France, Italy and Spain.  Campsited will also be extending the program adding properties in both the US and South Africa.

The Open Air Work From Anywhere program is a fantastic initiative that provides employees with the opportunity to work and live in natural settings across several countries.  It recognises the benefits of flexible working arrangements, and it is a step towards improving employee health, happiness and motivation.  As remote work becomes more prevalent, programs like this will become increasingly popular and companies that offer them will attract and retain top talent.

How will you be innovating your hospitality or tourism business to adapt to the growing trend of ‘work from anywhere’?

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