So, what are the actual benefits of email marketing and should be using it?  The answer to that is absolutely YES!  

We’ve put together a list of the benefits of email marketing and reasons why you should already be using it!

  1.  It’s Super Affordable

Compared to other marketing channels, it definitely leans toward very low cost.  Since it doesn’t involve any print or postage costs or require “air time” on a broadcasting channel, it keeps costing very manageable.  There may be a small overhead for sending the emails, but it will still be markedly lower than many other marketing channels.  It’s also the channel that consistently delivers some of the highest ROI.

  1.  Reach an Already Engaged Audience

Email marketing is one of the few marketing channels where guests can ask to receive information regarding your establishment. This can lead to much higher conversion rates as the recipient already has an interest in your business.  We highly recommend building your own database, growing your send list organically and not use any purchased lists. 

  1.  Deliver Targeted Messages

Make sure to build your database with segments.  This means making seperate lists of, for instance, business travellers, families, holiday makers, local travellers etc.  You can then send targeted information to these different segments to suit their particular needs, again ensuring higher conversion rates.

  1.  It’s Easy to Share

Recipients can share the newsletter content with a quick and easy click of a button.  Your guests can become “brand evangelists” for you by sharing with friends and family..  After all, social proof has become probably the biggest influence for online marketing in recent years.

  1.  Instantly Reach a Global Audience

What other marketing platform lets you instantly send a message to thousands of people across the world? Sure, social media can help you spread the word amongst a global audience – but there’s no telling who’s actually reading your content unless you use targeted advertising.

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