Much research has been done to indicate the benefits of e-newsletters. Obviously it is more cost effective to grow your business by increasing revenue and referrals from existing clients than in pursuing new clients. And a subscriber list of your business relationships is on very valuable asset for your business.

So what are the top ten benefits of an e-newsletter for your establishment?
An E-Newsletter:

  • Enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.
  • Increases the lifetime value of your clients.
  • Is a very cost-efficient and cost-effective communication channel with your client/guest.
  • Leverages your marketing efforts.
  • Provides instantaneous trackable results.
  • Opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with you and for you to promote dialogue with your clients.
  • Is much more cost efficient than a printed newsletter because of the significant savings in time, printing and mailing costs.
  • Can serve as a positive reinforcement to the media.
  • Provides a higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience.
  • Quickly identifies undeliverables so an effort can be made to correct them and resend them.

You know the benefits and your customers and commercial goals, now you need to fill your E-newsletter with, well, news. This is of course your choice, but it’s very important that the content is insightful, educational and fun.

Share any useful tips, advice and ‘How to’s’, as this will enhance your service or product. By incorporating our “top tip of the month’ or ‘five ways to cook with Asparagus’ it will reinforce authority within your industry and create a distinct, consistent voice. And, if you’re producing content in-house regularly, say as bloggers, then that can also be fed into the newsletter.

You can go one step further by accommodating a ‘Meet the team’ or ‘Staff Profile’ each month so your customers can put a face to a name. I don’t know about you, but I always like to know who I’m working with, but this will also give you an advantage when mailing your newsletter to a prospective list.

The layout of your E-newsletter will of course reflect your brand and website, but remember that this is an opportunity to be flexible, creative and have a little bit of fun. Every business wants a positive and strong identity that extends to their customers in a refreshing and personal way. An E-newsletter is one the most inexpensive ways to communicate with your target audience, but more importantly, the most effective.