AirBnB is an online marketplace where travellers can go to find accommodation from mostly private property owners. It is very much like booking a hotel, but guests have the option of staying in a AirBnB Hosts’ home or even a Guest House, giving the visitor a more authentic experience, rather than the more impersonal option of staying in a hotel. At the moment, AirBnB operates in roughly 35 000 cities in 200 countries, including South Africa. AirBnB Cape Town being one of their key markets.

The Growth of AirBnB

Over the past few years AirBnB and similar directories have become overwhelmingly popular amongst travelers and more and more people are making use of these from all corners of the world. When travelers are looking at online listings, the initial attraction factor is going to be the photographs presented to them. Establishments thus have only one chance to impress. Studies show that visitors spend 20 seconds and longer on listings with professional photographs and on average only 2 seconds on listings without.

The Importance of Great Photographs

Effective marketing photos are inspirational. If potential guests perusing the internet get inspired by a photo, they will more than likely click through to the rest of your listing or your website. Many people consider themselves photographers, because they own a good camera or a smart phone and they can apply filters to make their photos ‘look good’. There is however an art to taking great photographs that can really sell the experience of being there.

Quality Photography is an Investment

A skilled photographer knows how to use composition, angles, color and lighting to make their photos more appealing. Investing in good photography is one of the key elements to have a successful online presence. Your investment in photography will also go a long way, as these images will be used in any of the following:

  • Updating your own Website
  • Listing sites / Directories e.g. Tripadvisor,, Google Business Listing
  • Social Media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Email Newsletters & Email Stationary
  • Images for Promotions & Advertising
  • Printing & Brochures

Research has also shown that besides testimonials and reviews, photographs are your most important conversion tools online!


AirBnB Client Case Study – Tourism Marketing SA

AirBnB Listing for Property Owner in Melkbosstrand - Tourism Marketing SA Case Study

AirBnB Listing for Property Owner in Melkbosstrand – Tourism Marketing SA Case Study


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Tourism Marketing SA assisted one of our clients in Melkbosstrand to list their property on the AirBnB platform.  The importance of great photography was explained to the client and they fully understood why they needed to make this investment.

This is what the client had to say: “I approached Tourism Marketing SA with the brief of assisting us with a professional looking listing of our residential property in Melkbosstrand on the AirBnB platform.  Jacques and his team absolutely did the rest; from preparing the space, to taking the most beautiful photographs, setting up our entire AirBnB listing and even giving us some training on how to use the website and app.

Their effective and proactive service was very impressive to watch.  Their attention to detail, knowledge of the accommodation market, and internet marketing experience made this potential daunting exercise a pleasant and no worry experience for us.  I can highly recommend the services of Tourism Marketing SA!

Photographer Meyburgh Hofmeyr from 1903, was contracted to do all of the photography work on the listing.  Meyburgh also commented that, “Lighting, composition and keeping spaces uncluttered, are definitely the most important aspects of taking great interior photography.”