Tourism Marketing SA has partnered with 5 star photography company Lodge Shots.  The partnerships will provide Tourism Marketing SA clients with access to 5 star photography services that are world-class in the Hospitality industry.

CEO of Tourism Marketing SA, Jacques Nel, says: “I always encourage clients to spend as much of their marketing budget as possible on professional photography.  In Online Hospitality Marketing today, the establishment with the best photography will get the booking! That is a fact.”  According to TripAdvisor, the chances of a hotel receiving a booking inquiry increases by 225% when listings have a minimum of just one photo. That is just incredible. Clearly photos play an enormous role in hotel marketing.

Lodge Shots is a specialist marketing photography business providing comprehensive photographic solutions to African lodges, hotels and guest houses. They have a refreshing approach that breathes new life into marketing campaigns, increases visual impact and ensures that the photographs you use to depict your property are representative of your brand and established image.

Through open and regular conversation with their clients they ensure a thorough understanding of their unique requirements, goals and expectations and let these form the cornerstones of every project they undertake.

Mike Dexter is the founder and primary photographer of Lodge Shots. He completed a Bachelor of Journalism degree at Rhodes University in 2008 where he specialised in photojournalism. With no intention of joining the press world, on graduation Mike set out into the hospitality industry to work as a field guide, the realisation of a childhood dream. Based in one of the most pristine wild areas of Africa he had the ultimate opportunity to invest time in his greatest passion, wildlife photography. It was also here where he began to develop an interest in hospitality photography.

For more information on the photography services that Lodge Shots has to offer, please get in touch with us at Tourism Marketing SA.  Office Telephone at 021-556-3469.

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