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Getting your establishment listed on accommodation directories is an important part of any establishment's marketing strategy. Benefit from Tourism Marketing SA's experience and let professionals take care of the choice and maintenance of the right directories.
Advertising on Accommodation Directories is an important part of any establishment's marketing Strategy.
Online Exposure Packages

Accommodation Directories are an important source of enquiries
There are over 500 accommodation directories available for you to list your establishment on. While it is relatively easy to put together an accommodation directory and charge establishments a subscription fee, it is by far not that easy to generate the traffic necessary to get you, the establishment, a reasonable amount of enquiries / bookings worth your money. And then comes the tedious task of maintaining your listings on all directories. That's where our experience with over 400 directories in our data base comes in and offers you a great service, saving you lots of time and money.

With our Online Exposure Packages, we will take care of all your online distribution, we will review your current marketing strategy, compile a new strategy in line with your marketing budget, we will list your establishment on the agreed accommodation directories and will make sure your listings are up to date at any time (2 updates per year).

My establishment is already listed on several accommodation directories – do I still benefit from your service?

Answer: We will review your current listings, will add your establishments to free and commission based directories and will recommend subscription based directories and how to optimize your current marketing budget. In addition, we will make sure all your listings are up to date (2 updates per year) and will provide you with an easy online control panel to view all your listings in one place and we will do all the work for you – no more time consuming updating of rates, pictures, text, etc.

A brief case study

Sue, the proud owner of a 3 star guest house on the Garden Route recently contacted Tourism Marketing Sa to find out more about our Online Exposure packages for the hospitality industry. She enjoys being a host, entertaining her guests and takes meticulous care about all aspects of her guest house, but rarely finds the time to maintain all her listings of her guest house on accommodation directories, but knows that it is important that they are all up to date. She, like many other owners of guest houses, constantly received invitations via e-mail to list her guest house on new directories (and pay the subscription fees) and found it hard to decide whether it's worth to spend the money or not.

She signed up for our Online Exposure Package which includes listing her guest house on various directories and maintaining all of her existing and new listings. We first took stock of all her current listings, made recommendations which ones to maintain and which ones to drop and replace with more effective directories and started to enroll her guest house on additional directories. We also provided her with login details to our control panel, where she can view all directories in our data base with our rankings and from where she can access her own portfolio of listings and can go directly to any of the listings to review them.

If Sue now receives an invitation to list on an accommodation directory, she simply forwards the invitation to us and we make a recommendation. When Sue now changes her rates or other important information about her Guest House, which she normally does twice a year, she simply sends us her new rates and we maintain all her listings up to date, including any changes to text, facilities and images and we update all of her listings. We regularly review her portfolio of listings and inform her if we believe that we should swop the one or other listing on accommodation directories with a new or improved directory.

Sue has now peace of mind knowing that she is always on the most effective accommodation directories and that all her listings are kept up to date and can be a proud host without of having to worry about the things in life which she enjoys less.

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"I am excited at the prospect of working with you as it has really been a struggle with my current web hosting company, who have not encouraged any efforts to improve our website marketing."
Dennis Cook, Horizon Cottages
""Your professional way of conducting your business together with your knowlegde in the hospitality industry has got our business to the top in such a short time.""
Ursula Boutry, Rouge On Rose Boutique Hotel
"Just a quick e-mail to say how pleased we are with the fabulous work you guys have done with our website. Elisna and I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Tourism marketing in a heart beat."
Elisna & Mark Couzens, Mandalay Beach Guest House
""How marvellous to have this all sorted out! This is just getting to be a bigger job each year, so I'm delighted you are sorting it all out.""
Lesley Paterson, Umbrella Tree House
""I must admit, that the website enquiries are really picking up. Thank you for that and a job well done." "
Ellen Dry, Tranquil Nest
""I have noticed an increase in the number of visitors to the website of some 20% per month. This is very heartening for me, because we all know that the winter months are the quietest time. Thanks to you and your team for making this possible." "
Dennis Cook, Horizon Cottages
"We have really started getting a lot of enquiries since you upgraded our site. Our site is working fantastic!! Please add the below link on to our site"
Lisa, House on York
"Hi Anika, Thank you for your professional help as always:) Kind regards, "
Erika, Seabreeze Plett
"Let me say how pleased I am at the comprehensive and innovative hosting plus package that we are receiving from Tourism Marketing SA. I have already made good use of the link manager facility and I find it a great improvement."
Dennis Cook, Noordhoek
"Let me say how pleased I am at the comprehensive and innovative hosting plus package that we are receiving from Tourism Marketing SA. I have already made good use of the link manager facility and I find it a great improvement."
Dennis Cook, Noordhoek
"Thank you for keeping us informed as to what is happening on the web for us. Your assistance has been great, with prompt and detailed responses. I feel we're being taken care of. Thanks again.