With South Africa’s strict lockdown rules being slightly alleviated, the tourism industry, and accommodation establishments, in particular, can now again start thinking about reopening their doors and the way forward. The first allowed out the gates are the business travelers and it’s therefore absolutely imperative that your establishment is ready to cope with the influx, with all the necessary is in place to cater to their needs. To help you along through this process, we have compiled some handy tips on the best ways to attract business travelers.

1. Offer Corporate Rates
You may want to consider a special, discounted rate for business travel. Corporate travelers often require accommodation during the week, so lowering your mid-week rates to accommodate them is always a good idea as well as long stay discounts for extended and repeat corporate guests who will be in town for a little bit longer

2. Business Travel Packages
Compile packages that include services that will appeal to corporate guests. If you do have a spa or a gym on the premises, you could offer a voucher, or even if you don’t, you can include that in your offer and supply vouchers to facilities nearby. Dinner vouchers for nearby restaurants, arranging transport and leisure activities when necessary can all form part of a comprehensive and appealing package. The more inclusive and stress-free their stay can be, the better!

3. Social Media
Social Media use is literally off the charts, not only for leisure travelers but for business travelers too. They all use social media for various reasons, like staying updated and current on business trends, keeping up with business experts, and checking on their competitors. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even LinkedIn are great platforms to market to the business traveler and gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your offerings.

4. Start a Loyalty Program
Offering your business travelers a loyalty program will ensure that they come back time and time again. Consider offering a free night’s stay after a number of bookings, upgrades and add-ons. Make sure you offer them value for their money spent. Taking care of your guests will ensure that they take care of you in the long run too.

5. Communicate via Email
In today’s world, we have so many different ways of communicating with our target market and making use of emailers is a great way to inform your potential guests of any news you would like to share. Make sure you keep a database with contact details of potential guests and regular guests. Keep them updated as to your latest offers and packages, any exciting things happening in your area, like expos or festivals and any other special news that may entice them to book with your establishment as opposed to your competition.

If you would like more information, guidance and advice regarding the above, be sure to contact us. We’re ready to help get your business travel marketing in top shape!